GoGirlToday’s Tuesday Shout Out goes to GoGirl™ and before BlogHer I had no idea that there was a medical grade silicone that was germ resistant molded into this shape that would allow me to pee standing up. Yes, I just said pee standing up and if you’ve ever gone boating or camping then you understand how necessary this little invention is. I’ve tried it and the company does advise trying at home before taking the show on the road and I’d have to agree with them. The  GoGirl™ happens to be easy to use, easy to store and the website even says that one user washed their devise in the dishwasher – to each their own!

What I like best about this nifty little invention is that besides being reusable – I’m horrible at squatting in the woods and the toilet seats are just gross someplaces and now I can go without touchig anything icky, risk getting poision ivy and when it comes to skiing I’ll have it made; no more taking all the snow gear off! I just love the concept and it really promotes us women enjoying the outdoors without having to hold it and risk a bladder infection (which I have done). The product is made in the USA and their affordabe at only $6.99! Give the Girls a Tweet if you’re on Twitter and be sure to tell them how perfect their product would be for an #ecowed Twitter party!

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