Safety tips for #Halloween and resources for #parents and #teachers

Halloween is around the corner and SAFE trick-or-treating is something that is very important to me, as a mom. I want my children to have fun and enjoy the holiday (It is one of my favorite!) but where I live it is dark and cold and easy for accidents to happen.Safe Trick or Treating Tips #Halloween

A few tips I abide each year for a safe Halloween include:

  • Only trick or treat with an adult. No running off, mom or dad is always present (or approved adult)!
  • No crossing the road without looking! (My kids are young so crossing the road is only with mom or dad anyhow!)
  • Clear vision, if a mask is hard to see through it is a no-no in my family. If my child wants a mask I wear it first to test if I can breath and the vision.
  • Always carry a flashlight or glow stick! We like the flashing ones and with 9 plus years of experience we all carry a flashlight or glow stick to be “well lit”!
  • Have an adult check your candy before eating.

Rayovac and my little future veterinarian (during our dress rehearsal for October 31st) want you to be safe this Halloween! To help you accomplish this here are some spooktacular deals:

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Safe #Halloween tips for Trick-or-Treating witha @rayovac #discountHere is what I love about our Rayovac  glow sticks and LED Twin Pack flashlights:

1.  The glow stick is a flashlight for the kids, it can just “glow” or glow with a rapid flash. The children wear it around their neck so they never drop it and lose it!

2.  We use the LED Twin Pack flashlights, one for each parent. It comes in handy so we don’t trip and so we can light the paths for the children as they eagerly run from house to house collecting treats and enjoying the festivities! I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve just carried one flashlight and one of us is falling behind walking in the dark…not safe! We now each carry one and the twin pack is perfect and fits into the pocket of our fleece jackets.

Additional Halloween and Green Tips:

>For green Halloween tips make sure you click here and have a safe and happy trick-or-treating holiday!

>CDC Family Health Halloween Safety Tips

>SafeKids Worldwide Halloween Safety Tips

>Kids Health Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips for Parents

Teaching Lessons and Ideas for Halloween Safety:

>Lesson Plan for Halloween Safety

>Halloween Safety Handouts

>FREE Trick-or-Treating downloadable coloring book


Disclaimer: I am a Rayovac Power Blogger and I am compensated for my time and received free samples, however, I owned Rayovac glow sticks previous to my free sample. My opinions and stories are my own.

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