Forever and ever ago I ordered snacks from, in an effort to try a variety or natural and organic good for my family treats. When the box arrived it was a tasting feast! We opened one of every thing and just sat around and sampled the different products. The taste, the children liking the food the nutritional value and cost were all important factors in deciding if I’d purchase any of the products again. I spent close to $70 on the bulk variety of foods and saved $3.00 with a coupon from the, which isn’t exactly cheap. My thought process was this: Healthy alternative snacks for the kids that aren’t available in my town, great blog information for my readers and it saves me from having to buy the bad stuff at the store. Here’s the verdict on the snacks:

Healthy Valley, Peanut Butter and Strawberry Bars: My son tolerates these, my daughter won’t eat them, I love them and my husband won’t even try them. They’re 70% organic so that’s better than most of the bars out there and the box is over $4.00. I won’t buy this particular flavor again.
My son is a gummy freak. Gummy worms, bears, you name it and he loves gummy stuff. I was excited to find these, Xtreme Fruits, so we bought a variety pack and the only ones he’ll eat are the Lemon ones, seen in the picture. They’re all natural, sweetened dried fruit and there’s no preservatives or artificial colors. $12 for 24 pouches but they’re a good alternative for my family. Personally, I don’t like them and neither does anyone else in my family but for my son I will buy again.
Sensible Foods Organic Dried Sweet Corn: These are organic and delicious. Tasted like popcorn and everyone gave them a thumbs up! Fat free too and I liked that. $10.25 for six of them but again, a healthy on the go alternative and the bags are big! I’ll forsure give these another try!

These were my favorite but I’m not so sure they’re really any more healthy for me or the kids then the alternatives that I can get in the store. They say natural but they aren’t organic or anything special. They taste like cheese puffs but my hands didn’t turn orange. I liked them and for a treat I’d buy them, if I can find them locally.

We tried the Seventh Heaven, of Grizzilies Trail Mix, and these aren’t cheap but addicting and amazing. Four small bags for $6.00 we were fighting for them! No artificial sweeteners and 6 grams of protein. A decent and delicious alternative! If you like trail mix they’re worth buying!

These are hands down my favorite and my 15 month old daughter’s favorite. They melt in our mouth! Organic, no bad stuff what-so-ever and the cost is reasonable. Eight pouches for $8.50 isn’t all that bad. I found them in the box at our local health food store and the box was over $4.00. Another company whose site is well worth visiting, Late July Organics.

Immaculate Baking Company, Hunka Chunka Cookies: I ordered these for my son’s lunch and he’s addicted! I don’t seem them on the site anymore. You can still buy the Hunka Chunka along with the variety pack. I urge you to check out the Immaculate Baking company and their online store. They have a huge variety of yummy organic treats for the kids of all ages! Price doesn’t matter for these because they are that good!

I was able to try a bunch of good products and for almost two months now, my family was able to continually have healthier snacks in the house. Not that we don’t right now but I wasn’t as tempted to throw in a bad for the kids snack while on a grocery run. offered great service and it was timely and shipped in a recycled box, which I like to see. For those wanting to go bulb and have a variety, I’d recommend using the site. Finding healthy alternatives in a smaller town is hard to do. I have to say, it’s getting easier but I just keep requesting products and won’t give up! Remember we have a large amount of consumer power and need to vote with our dollar!!! I’d really like to see more of the Immaculate Baking Company and the Late July Organics in my local stores. I think moms should be choosing these two companies, hands down!

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