Zrecs and The Smart Mama Earth Mama Angel BabyThe whirlwind Las Vegas, ABC Kids Show is over and I think I have recouped – or at least I have tried. There were so many baby strollers, car seats and companies working very hard to market green, appear green or that are thinking along the lines of eco-friendly kid products. My new partners in crime, The 3 Green Angels and I met out there to do some business, make some connection and see what all this “Baby Biz” stuff was about. It was well worth the trip!

We attended the Fit Pregnancy party and mingled with Earth Mama AngelEarth Mama Angel Baby Love Baby and their team and founder, Melinda as well as Melissa from Itsabelly and her crue. We tested some Kid Basix products and I finally was able to meet the founder Bret Plate who I interviewed forever ago! Sprig toys has some great things coming up as does Boon and thanks to Joovy strollers Jennifer’s daughter was rescued (as were we) and had a plush ride throughout the convention center. I saw very little of Vegas but I ran into Jeremiah from ZRecs and Jennifer signed her book, The Smart Mama’s Green Guide, for them (how cool). As I was wondering around to find Alicia from The Soft Landing I noticed a farmilar face and it was the founder of Luna Pads! I was so excited to have met all of these cool people in this big city – some of which I already knew virtually but finally were able to meet in real life. An amazing time but it got better on the way home when I upgraded to first class so be sure to read that real life social media experience.

On a side note: Jennifer Taggart brought her daughter (talk about a working mom and a great one at that) and as they were navigating the hotel to make it to our networking event I took this photo and I just have to share it.The Smart Mama and Daughter

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