Meryl Streep prides herself on being both an actress and environmental activist. Meryl has been an activist and concernist before most of us were even thinking of recycling, BPA, and pesticides. According to her friend and long time environmentalist herself, Wendy Gordon, Meryl first began to take action in 1988 when a hole in the ozone was discovered.

Meryl volunteered to help the NRDC to raise awareness about environmental concerns. Meryl and Wendy both sprung into action and rallied to support the NRDC in the fight for tougher pesticide residue standards. They began a campaign called Mothers & Others. A law passed 10 years later which protects vulnerable populations such as infants and young children. The campaign later turned into an organization whose mission was to arm consumers with information that they could take into the marketplace and into the halls of government to demand safer products and smarter, more sustainable production practices on the party of industry.

Together they encourage stores to stock organic products, shoppers to support farmers’ markets and CSAs. They distributed lists of rBGH-free milk and safer food and beverage storage containers, they published dozens of product reports on everything from paints and wood finishes to personal care products, home furnishings and children’s toys. Meryl admits that people get involved due to self interest as did she. She was feeding a baby and realized that everything that you do is going to have an outcome in the future. She wanted that outcome to be a positive one. She realized that a mother with her child is one of the most invested relationships. She wanted to make other mothers aware of the hazards of both foods and products on their developing baby and the environment.

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Twenty one years after mothers and others were organized Simple Steps was born. Simple steps provides the everyday person with tips on helping the environment, facts on chemicals in food and products, money saving tips, how to safe guard your family and a plethora of other useful information. Meryl does not profess to be perfect but she does try to maintain the greenest way of living that she can. Meryl tries to eat less take out, buys local, buys organic, switched to geothermal heating and more. It’s nice to know that green isn’t just a fad for Meryl like it is for other money making companies. Thanks for sticking up for the environment, yourself, and those that don’t have a voice. Way to go!!

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