Growing up I had the best grandparents a kids could ask for. My great-grandma “G” watched my sister and I while my mom worked so I was never in childcare and always with a family member. Both sets of grandparents were best friends and my grandpa’s always visited the VFW together and I have some fond memories of both grandpa’s sitting at the kitchen table talking. I could walk to either set of grandparents from my home when I was little so it was a comfort to always know they were near by and there for me. I would say I had very active grandparents that were always outside playing with me, talking me to the park, reading stories and playing dress up and barbies. Each grandparent taught me something very special and unique that has helped make me who I am today. From writing thank you cards, appreciating home cooked food, making coffee to taking pictures and watching old fashion John Wayne movies (I do this just for the memories). Personally, I can’t imagine my life without my grandparents and their help in raising me.

Statistically, more children are being raised by grandparents then ever before and more families are moving back in with grandpa and grandma to save money. If you’re a grandparent you know this isn’t easy but you also know what a joy it is to have your children and grandchildren so tightly knitted into your life. This doesn’t mean that grandparents don’t need support and that is what I love about a online community that helps grandparents with current information, ideas, recipes, safe toys and more.

Leave it up to a group of grandparents to do good things and get kids outdoors playing the way they used to! has a new initiative where grandparents log the hours they go outside and play with the kids. More fresh air and free play and less computer and television time! Who doesn’t love that concept? They’re even trying to raise money with KaBOOM to build playground for kids in need.

The message here is this: grandparents are very important. Grandparents do great things for kids and we all need to let grandparents know about just like we need to get our kids outdoors this summer and all year long!

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