Ions. Technology. Cleaning. Bill Nye. What do these four words all have in common with me? Activeion. I failed (not really) chemistry but I’ve aced cleaning (not really) and I’m here to tell you that when you combine technology, science and cleaning you literally can have a chemical free cleaning option for your family and all you need is tap water!

The theme song from The Jetsons played in my head when I first used this space looking like spray bottle and I waited for the shoe to fall from the other foot but that never happened, the music just kept playing and I kept cleaning! When I was asked to review the product I remember seeing it featured on Healthy Child and Jennifer of The Smart Mama saying she wanted to try one (which spoke volumes to me) but then I saw that the Activeion is endorsed by Healthy Child Healthy World, Healthy Schools Campaign, The Green Schools Alliance, Green Restaurant Association, Natural Products Association and the list goes on! Geesh, who wouldn’t want to be part of this list and give big thumbs up?

How does it work?

There is no way I can tell you this or attempt to compete with the explanation offered by the company and the demonstrations. I just know that it works and the science proves that it works along with the tests that show it kills H1N1 when in used properly for sanitizing (there are directions you have to follow). I’m not here to make the claim but tell you I believe what I’ve read and know what I’ve experienced. I can tell you that the website has specifics, videos and all of the nitty gritty proof that you need! So right now I am using my pointer finger with my hand on my hip pointing you to the website.

Does It Actually Work?

I am not a doctor or scientist but I did give the Activeion the dirty house test. I used it to clean my bathroom and kitchen and it worked. My kids think it is magic and super cool they get to spray water on everything and help me clean (which is normal, the cleaning part). I sorta feel the same way…like I have this magic sprayer that cleans my house with no harsh chemicals for the family to breathe or residue left on the counters! It seems to good to be true but when you try it for yourself you see that it works and seeing is believing!

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After the water is “activated” it works for roughly 45 seconds to loosen up the dirt from the surface before just becoming plain old tap water – which is plenty of time to wipe the counter or another surface after spraying. Time saving because there is no waiting for the cleaner to work and loosen the dirt and grime!

I’m No Bill Nye But This Green Mom Says Thumbs Up! There are some hurdles if you decide you might want to give this chemical free cleaner a try…

Get Over It

1. Cost. The cost is more than a super market cleaner for the initial purchase. Technology is not cheap people!  Besides it is meant to last 3-5 years and there is no need to buy other cleaners which equals less clutter, saves you time shopping and cough, cough, did I mention no chemicals???!!!

2. Mind over Matter. It is hard to believe that just water is cleaning your surface or sanitizing. Changing how you think of cleaning is a huge step in committing to the Activeion.

3. No scent. I know a lot of people that like to clean with a scent. Artificial lemon appeals to some people for whatever reason but with the Activeion the water does not smell like anything fake. Remember clean doesn’t have a “smell” other than fresh and clean. No odor is good!

Think Big Picture

I had some thoughts about if schools and hospitals adapted the use of this simple to use cleaning option it could have substantial benefits to our health, pocket books and the landfills!

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-Fewer children exposed to chemical cleaners which could mean fewer asthma attacks.

-Less money spent on packing and waste.

– Less packaging in the landfills because we wouldn’t need to buy all of the cleaners!

– School could save time and money and the children can help clean the classrooms as part of their classroom job.

-Restaurants can save money but I won’t risk having nasty cleaners near my food!

-Cleaner indoor air and maybe hospitals don’t have to smell like a toxic cleaning bomb exploded!

Just to name a few of the things going through my head! Activeion and their partners have tackled this list as well but I see a lot of potential here! What do you think?

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