My experience with #acupuncture and #healthy healing

Acupuncture is really something I enjoy. I actually look forward to it. After going, I feel relaxed and very much centered. It’s hard to describe but I talk more about it in an earlier post sharing my acupuncture experience.

My sister has told me that her “release of energy” and acupuncture experience has made her cry. Energy was “blocked” and the release was very emotional.

I never understood what she meant, until yesterday.

I go every six weeks to my acupuncture appointment and each time is different. Yesterday I explained to Helen how my shoulder, neck and right arm were very sore and tense. I told her how I felt very unbalanced and stressed because I have some uncertainties in my life and that is causing me to get headaches, not sleep well and overall feel terrible. (I will elaborate on this in the near future.)

It was my first appointment being face down and having to have my shirt off so that Helen could really focus on my back, neck and shoulder area. I felt very comfortable with this but as she was putting the needles in, it hurt. For the first

My arm and shoulder at acupuncture. #acupuncture
My arm and shoulder at acupuncture. #acupuncture

time ever acupuncture was a bit uncomfortable, I could feel the little needles and immediately I felt them tingle and I felt warmth.

It was all very strange.

I closed my eyes, listened to the music and let acupuncture work, while Helen left the room.

I think I dozed off.

When I woke, I was crying. Not sobbing but I had tears running down my face and at first I felt silly and then confused and then terrible that I got her white towel black with mascara.

I just took deep breathes and continued to let whatever was happening happen. It’s not like I could get up and run out of the room half naked with needles in me! (I did think of it until the mental image came to mind and then I laughed!)

At the end, Helen did her cranial work (don’t ask me to explain it) and it took a long time for the energy to release. I was actually beginning to get worried, like something was stuck and I’d always feel off balanced and stressed. I prayed for the energy to move, for me to feel better.

Then Helen said, “Know that it will all be okay, in your heart not just your head.”

Huh? Yes, okay and then I felt it…a release of energy through my back, neck and head. It was very, very warm and I could feel it moving.

Odd…I know, I’m not a quack this is real.

Afterwards I got dressed, went into her office and I felt exhausted. I just wanted to go to sleep. She explained to me that it took a lot out of me to have that release, I’d feel drained.

Today, I feel better but still drained. I feel calmer and less stressed. Acupuncture continues to work days after you go, from my experience.

Have you ever tried acupuncture, what was your experience like?


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