Allergy and medical ID bracelets for kids. #parenting #foodallergies It was a Sunday evening and I sat down to have a glass of wine, fold some laundry and relax. I had just unloaded the groceries, my daughter and husband came home from horse riding lessons and between the coming in the door, sitting down and transition – my son went out the garage door. He went to chop wood to earn money and his Cub Scout badge.

It was a blurry evening and turn of events, I’ll spare you the details but the hatchet won. My son has 5 stitches and the end of his summer has been ruined. No swimming, no beach, no summer camp and we’ll I’m out of luck. My favorite flip-flops are bloody and ruined, I’m overwhelmed with guilt and we’ll here we are taking it day-by-day helping him keep his big toe elevated and him occupied and in good spirits.

The hatchet and bloody toe, it is all very scary but believe it or not what scared me more than anything was my son’s allergy to lidocaine. The most common numbing agent used when someone has stitches, shots or surgery. It’s not likes he’s just sensitive to it, he is allergic.

Unfortunately, the ER doctor was skeptical and had all sorts of questions about the allergy and how I knew he was allergic, why it wasn’t in his chart, (um, he’s never needed it in the ER or ever since he was 18 months) where was his ID bracelet, was he officially tested and had he had the alternative bupivacaine to know if it was actually safe. Oh the questions but the allergy is rare so maybe he suspected I was just being overly sensitive?

Here’s the scoop, I’m the mom and say he’s allergic so damn it all he’s allergic and that is the end of the story.  BUT of course, I explained it all and shared that he had a little mark on his belly that needed to be removed when he was 18 months and the smallest amount of lidocaine caused him to spike a 105 fever and a small seizure. We tested him with the allergist and it was confirmed he has a severe and life threatening allergy but can have bupivacaine.

So yes my son had a laceration on his toe and it was bloody but I was more afraid to lose my son or have him experience a seizure or some other awful side effect! Our allergy bracelet (we’ve had several and he either loses or breaks them) was at home to be repaired.  I’d meant to have it repaired.

Today, however, I was determined to get his allergy ID bracelet repaired and never go through the questions, wondering or scary thought of him being given lidocaine – ever, ever again! What would have happened if I wouldn’t have been there to take him to the ER? I cannot even imagine. When renting the wheel chair at the medical supply store, I happened upon the LifeStrength ID bracelet.  For under $40 I was in love and here’s why:

  • I could register his medical profile online (emergency contacts and numbers, his photo, allergy, insurance information)
  • There is a lifetime warranty
  • He had a unique health ID and any doctor, sitter or emergency responder could call a toll free number to find out his medical profile and allergy information in seconds
  • Rapid QR code access
  • A fully adjustable band that is water proof and comfortable to wear
  • Stickers for my car and home
  • A wallet card

Allergy and medical ID bracelets for kids. #parenting #foodallergies

Amazing and all of this for under $40! That’s worth every single penny in my book and after our recent ER visit I’d pay double that. Shoot, I have paid double that and I have broken bracelets, necklaces and a watch sitting in a drawer. The sterling silver ID information is scratched so bad on the older bracelets it’s hard to even read. Now an ER doctor scan a QR code and boom there’s the information. They can call a toll free number or go the website and everything is right there for them, no wondering.

That’s peace of mind! If you have a child with an allergy I highly recommend LifeStrength! I only wish I would have known about them sooner!

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