I hardly ever do this, simply because I do not live near a coffee shop and by the time I get to one I’m ready for a water or soda. Except this morning I picked my new glasses up (love them) and next door was a coffee shop so I threw caution to the wind and just said, “I deserve a double skim vanilla latte, darn it!”  Then right next to the register they had these yummy vegan cookies and I thought of my blog and how even though the cookie was $2.49 I could write about it, so you guessed it…I bought it.  See what I sacrifice for the sake of my blog and to inform you of new products I’ve tried?

The cookie came from the Alternative Baking Company, Inc. and the flavor I bought was Phenomenal Pumpkin Spice. I wouldn’t say it was “phenomenal” and my daughter who adores pumpkin spit it out. I enjoyed it though. It had no eggs, no trans fat, no dairy, no artificial ingredients, no cholesterol, not refined sugars, no preservatives, no honey and no hydrogenated oils! Sounds like I bought a piece of cardboard with my coffee but really it was moist and delicious. For the cost I would have chewed on it regardless of the taste. Maybe had there been some refined sugar it would have become “phenomenal” but that would be like any other cookie, it would not be so alternative or good for you!

A neat company once I researched them! They’ve been baking yummy vegan cookies with all sorts of natural stuff and organic flour and sugar since 1995 and I’m just now learning about them. Wow, I must live in the woods! Maybe next time your out and you spot one of these cookies you should give them a try. Yes, I know they aren’t cheap but organic natural ingredients aren’t cheap and you get what you pay for.  Maybe my baby girl didn’t like the spice part? I think next time I’ll try the Double Chocolate Decadent!

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