I’ve always loved reading and perhaps this comes from having a mother and grandmother that continually read novels, took me to books store, libraries and made reading time a normal part of my life. Last May, I treated myself for Mother’s Day to an Amazon Kindle as a way to cut down on the piled up books next to my bed stand, easy portability and because I love technology and the thought of saving paper.

kindleNow, whether or not the Amazon Kindle or electronic books are green – that is up for debate. I love reading downloadable books from EcoBrain on my laptop but my laptop is sorta’ cumbersome when I travel and my HP has a horrible battery life (grrr). The New York Times Green, Inc. says that e-book sales are up and that e-book readers could indeed have a green impact on the publishing industry. Green Daily makes me feel super guilty on the energy consumption and e-waste and points out book swaps but like the Green Daily points out – there is good and bad to what you choose; which maybe makes it a preference not a green choice? Hmmm? Ponder that for a moment.

How does this Green Mom like the Kindle?

I love it. I do. I love how it is light, easy to use and download a new book in seconds. The wireless connection anywhere I go has saved me during some trip layovers. Ordinarily, I would go to a book store at the airport and buy a book but if I have my Kindle, I download it in seconds, save money, paper, time and it is much lighter than an actual paperback book. Overall, I’m finding that my Kindle books are less expensive. I have boxes of books in my basement and the resale value: maybe a quarter at my garage sale.

The downside for me, would mostly be loaning my books or giving them to others. I love sharing a favorite book with a friend or family member but if is on my Kindle I’m not about to loan the Kindle away. I’ve heard others say that they use the library or bookstore less and maybe this is true but in reality, I still buy hardcover and soft cover books; especially for my children. I love our local libraries for more than just the books and the book store – it has a smell and feeling I would never give up for technology.

The Kindle isn’t for everyone. The cost might be high, the person might not read enough to make it worth the cost or they just would rather hold a book, smell the pages and technology and books just do not mesh to them. For me, I’m all game and can say I highly recommend the Amazon Kindle .

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