Lots of fun stuff going on here at Green & Clean Mom, a contest to win a Healthy Home Pack™ , a chance to win two BPA free sippy cups (Foogo and Boon) and an opportunity to design a Kroger reusable bag and win some grocery money from Kroger and from G&CM! Plus there are some great green giveaways over at Nature Moms Blog ,Mamanista and The Crunchy Domestic Goddess. Gotta love the “green” giveaways!

Earth Day is over but everyday should celebrate Mother Earth! I’ve discovered a really neat “green” tee shirt companies for you to check out that help remind others to recycle, do their part and be earth friendly. Miss Witt has some “sustainable Bamboo Fiber, and 100% Organic Cotton Climate Neutral, manufactured from Wind Powered Energy printed Tees!” I love the baby onsie! When you sport tees that say what you think and feel but that are as eco-savvy as the Miss Witt tees…you’re for sure being a sexy and sassy green mom!

Speaking of being sassy, how about not just using reusable bags but using reusable produce bags? I started thinking about this yesterday when I went grocery shopping and had to load a plastic bag up with oranges. It’s easy to take the reusable bag idea one step further and bring your own produce bags. I love the one’s over at Bag Green because they aren’t only 100% natural cotton and biodegradable, they also ship green. I can’t stand ordering a “green” product from a company and having it come wrapped in tons of bubble wrap or packing peanuts!

Hope all of you moms had a great Earth Day and can continue to remember Mother Earth everday! Register for all the contests and spread and listen to my new Best Friends today!!!

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