On Wednesday, March 19th the contest for a organic tee was posted. If your going to be a sexy, sassy, green mom you might as well make a inspirational statement doing it! Tees for Change, generously donated a tee shirt for this contest and I’d like to give them a big, Green and Clean Mom, THANK YOU!!!! Thanks for helping to make a difference and inspire people with your organic tees!!! Personally, I like the “embrace change”. Isn’t there some saying about the only thing that is constant is change? Time and time again I speak with moms that are so reluctant to change their ways or do something different than what their mom or grandma did. This is why I choose, “embrace change”. When you know better you do better!

Thanks to all of you that participated in this fun contest and for all the inspirational suggestions, diggs, stumbles, posts, subscribes and comments. I love it! I did things the old fashion way. If you qualified for 5 entries I typed your name five times into a spread sheet. I printed this out (on recycled paper–a piece of scrap paper) and cut them up. We used my little guys fishin’ hat and dumped them all in.
He was so excited to be a part of this and loves to look at his picture in the digital camera.
He mixed them up!

Pulled one out!

And the winner is….

Congrats for winning a sexy and sassy, inspirational organic tee, complements of Tees For Change!

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