1.  Use and reuse zip lock bags. They are washable. (I try to discourage the use of zip lock bags, they are washable for a limited time and they bag drying racks. Use them minimally if you have too but really try to find alternative storage containers).

2.  Buy lunch boxes or re-useable lunch bags instead of paper bags.

3.  Start becoming aware of the trash that is coming in and out of your home. How can you minimize it?  Be creative.

4.  Try energy- lifting smoothies made from organic fruits in the mornings to jumpstart your day.

5.  Switch to natural cleaning products. The ammonia of other products can get into your food and your system if inhaled. Or make your own. Just fill a spray bottle with undiluted distilled vinegar for easy all purpose clean up.

6.  Locally grown fruit and vegetables travel fewer miles to get to your kitchen, cutting down on greenhouse emission.  Shop at farmers’ markets, or look for locally grown produce at the supermarket. Also, support CSA’s Community Supported Agriculture.

7.  A greener world starts in the kitchen. Try not to open the oven door to check on food to save energy. Use less water when washing dishes, turn down your water heater.

8.  When hosting parties and events at your home, send e-cards instead of paper invitations.

9.  Cover pans while cooking to prevent heat loss and place on pot size appropriate flames.

10. Just before your food is cooked completely, turn off the oven or burner and allow the heat in the pot or pan to continue the cooking process for you. (yes, depends on what you are cooking though)

Written by Anna Getty, author of Anna Getty’s Easy Green Organic and I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas.

Anna is a chef, actress, fashionista, kundalini yoga teacher, writer, holistic lifestyle expert, and mother. She has always maintained a keen sense of self, a grounded perspective and a passion for healthy living, spiritual fulfillment and respect for the environment that she wants to share with others.  Anna has been featured in InStyle, Vogue, ELLE, Food & Wine, Entertainment Weekly, People, Yoga Journal, and on many television shows. She is the founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month and a two-time winner of The 2010 Green Book Festival competition honoring books that contribute to greater understanding, respect for and positive action on the changing worldwide environment. Anna blogs for numerous websites including HealthyChildHealthyWorld.org, DRgreene.com, Treehugger.com among others.

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  1. Hi All!!
    I am a London green mom and I'm using most of the advices here :)) think they are great. But some help for me are these rubbish removal London companies. Especially after the renovation last summer.


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