Happy Belated Mother’s Day! My eyes are bugging out of my head right now because I’ve been sorting through FOUR contests that ended last night at Midnight EST. Wow! There was a ton of participation, great ideas and comments and now we have some winners. I have to make one quick comment before I disclose the winners, if a contest asks for a email address…please leave one! I cannot get in touch with you if I don’t have an email address. If you don’t want spam then spam proof it by typing out the words at for @ or dot. Here is my example: sommer at greenandcleanmom dot org. Now with that off my chest you must know that I had to do some redraws because I could not email the winner and that stinks. Enough crying and pouting let’s celebrate and announce the winners, who have already been emailed and have one week to reply or I will draw another name.

I used Random.org to draw five numbers 1-87 (there were 88 comments with one duplicate) for the PUR water filtration system. These are the five numbers that were drawn:

Here are your random numbers:
53 43 23 49 87
Timestamp: 2008-05-12 17:13:17 UTC

I am royally bummed that I couldn’t score an interview with Cindy Crawford but at least five more people are drinking safer drinking water and not buying bottled water. Thanks PUR and thanks for sponsoring this contest and thank to all the readers that helped support Thirst for Change!

For the Green Cleaning Kit, there were 216 comments and so many good green cleaning ideas. Baking soda, vinegar, and composting were common suggestions. I have to tell you, I can’t stand using vinegar. Sorry but it smells and it shouldn’t be used on granite counter tops and it’s too acidic for my floors. It may be natural and cheap but I had to find something different and that’s how I came to this green cleaning kit. Congrats to Connie, comments number 207!

The Kroger Reusable Bag Design contest surprised me because there was only one entry. Folks, don’t you want to win grocery money? Weird. So the one person wins it all. Lucky gal, she designed some cute bags, check them out in the comment section.

Ahh and the yummy Stonyfield Yogurt contest for $50 dollars in yummy yogurt! This contest, also had lots of entries and only one lucky winner who suggested pineapple as a flavor. It was time consuming to go through all the comments add up the entry points, write each name down the correct number of times, cut them all up and put them into a hat but Amanda, with four entries, must be glad I did! Thanks for everyone’s participation in helping Stonyfield raise money and thanks Stonyfield for being such a great company and caring so much about us and the environment!

That’s all folks! Shea Terra Organics giveaway is on the horizon and a few months of weekly contests for the launch!

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