Apples and Weight Loss - How they may curb hunger and keep you full longer.

I feel like I’m always trying to lose weight. I think many of us are but losing weight is far from easy. It can also be expensive if we go down the road of trying to find a magic pill, special shakes and pricy exercise equipment. Been there, done that! I’m always looking for something that keeps me full longer and isn’t one million calories! Interestingly enough, the solution has been right before my eyes and your eyes too! APPLES! That is right, apples and they are inexpensive and tasty!

Eat more apples! At the very least, try it and see how it works for you. Twenty minutes before you sit down for one of your main meals, eat a small to medium sized apple. For best results, you want to leave the skin on since it contains a lot of the fiber. Just eat the apple, then wait and go about preparing your main meal.

By eating the apple before your main meal and leaving a little time in between the two, you’re starting to fill your stomach with a low calorie food and you’re giving your body time to realize that there’s food in your stomach. By the time you are ready to sit down for your main meal, you’re not nearly as hungry as you were twenty minutes ago. In fact, you may not be hungry at all anymore.

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This is important because it will keep you from overeating. It gives you the will power to stop eating when you’re satisfied. You end up eating a lot less and save quite a few more calories than the 90 or so contained in the apple you just ate. I find this saves my butt before going out to eat. I can more easily resist the breadbasket or appetizer!

Of course, the fact that you are eating more fresh fruit doesn’t hurt either. Adding two to three apples per day to your meal plan is a good start towards those five servings of fruits and veggies we should all be getting. And you can mix it up and have different types of apples or even add peanut butter to your apples for a change of pace and a healthy snack!

Start by eating an apple while you are preparing dinner. Notice how different it makes you feel and how much less you start to eat at night. Then add another apple before breakfast and lunch. Before you know it, you start to make better choices and eat smaller portions. It won’t take long before those better eating habits start to show results on the scale. That in turn will give you more energy, encourage you to move more and get in better shape. Who knew that a couple of apples per day might be just the weight loss aid you needed to move those scales in the right direction?

No magic pills or potions, just a good old fashion apple! I am munching away eating my apples and I am eating less and feeling fuller longer!

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How many apples a day do you eat? Do you take a dose of apple cider vinegar? There are many benefits to apple cider vinegar too!

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