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When my son was maybe a year old my husband and I traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for a little R&R. It was our first time away from our little guy and I was very much deprived of sleep and adult conversation. It was a fabulous trip and I remember eating great seafood in downtown D.C. and exploring Hershey, Pennsylvania. I also remember falling to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, much to my husband’s dismay.  (Mama was tired!) One fond memory I have of this trip is learning that Pennsylvania is rich with wineries. My husband does not enjoy wine tasting but he agreed to stop at a few for some samples and to explore. We both expected wineries to mostly be in California and the western states where it’s warm to grow the grapes. We were wrong!

Visiting Michigan Wineries #PureMichigan

I guess we were novice wine drinkers back then but our taste buds have matured and every once in a while we enjoy tasting new wines or sparkling wines and much to our surprise there are are several wineries in our neck of the woods in Michigan. Not that I wouldn’t travel back to Pennsylvania to explore their beautiful wineries but we have so many sprouting up in Michigan it’s fun to explore what is in my own back yard.  My sweet husband even surprised me for our anniversary taking me on a wine tour in Leelanau, Michigan and like Pennsylvania it was beautiful and tasty!

Michigan Wine #gifts

With April being Michigan wine month it’s fitting to show some support for this branch of our local agriculture.After all, who doesn’t love grapes?! One of my favorite online shops to support my love for Michigan Wine is Cherries and Grapes (which is who sent my sister this lovely shirt in black and gray).  I’m eyeing the hooded sweatshirt for mother’s day! They also have a winery that my husband and I visited last year called Chateau de Leelanau (I snapped the picture above because I loved their truck).  I’ve tried their Pinot Grigio and if you like a crisp white wine with a hint of apple, you’ll love this Pinot Grigio! It goes great with cheese and crackers for an appetizer! 

I’m all about supporting local tourism and helping business locally, which is why I’m happy to discover there are over 25 wineries in my area and Cherries and Grapes has Michigan Wine apparel, wine and other gifts I need in just a few clicks! If you’re looking to explore wineries in Northern Michigan you won’t be disappointed. I’m happy I won’t have to be traveling hours away from my home to support my more mature taste buds. (Wink! Wink!)

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