I’m a green entrepreneur and this is a new trend with more and more individuals going green but there are some big differences on what kind of green you might be. I for one, believe we can all be some shade of green but we all know the person that buys bleach and then calls themselves an environmentalist. According to a recent Fortune Small Business Article with market research done by Roper ASW there’s actually only 9& of Americans that can be considered “true-blue greens” and this means they do what they believe and aren’t all talk. That’s a pretty small percent.

The market research concluded that 6% of Americans are considered “greenback greens” and these are the people that will buy green if it is convenient and of those 6% only a quarter of those people actually recycled. That’s alarming to me.

Next would be what Roper ASW is calling “sprouts” and this totals 31% and to be a sprout means you go back and fourth on green issues. What about all the rest you wonder….well they apparently don’t give a darn. SPECIAL REPORT: THE GREEN BUSINESS REVOLUTION points out that 1 in 5 Americans take part in some type of environmental activity and donating money even counts towards doing an environmental activity.

I have to point out that this is an older article I am referring to but what makes me write about this is I wonder whether the numbers are 1 in 5 anymore or if the trend is changing and maybe it’s 2 in 5? Have the percents gone up, gotten worse or stayed the same? Makes you think.

This article really was written to point out that consumers really don’t care about going green when it comes to doing their laundry or washing their windows and to prove it they tote all of these facts. If this is the case still today then why is my business doing so well? Why would there be such an interest in the product I am selling? Why would Green and Clean Mom be doing so well and why is that there are Green Home Makeovers and name brand products coming out with green products?

Folks, I think that the numbers are up and times are changing but the real question is: Are you part of that or do you still not care? With it being the year 2009 I believe we have tipped the scale but tell me your thoughts.

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