It is that time of year, the kids are back in school and the runny noses and coughs have started. We have gotten notification of the flu clinics and I can smell hand sanitizer everywhere! The panic of killing those germs and staying healthy is on most of our minds but I’m a stickler about saying no to bleach and what I consider toxic germ killers that say antibacterial on them and have triclosan. I think we can have a healthier triclosan free classroom and home, which is why I was so happy to see Method partner with CleanWell to create a antibac cleaner that uses thyme and essential oil!

I received a fun packaged “Fight the Flu” kit that leaves my bathroom smelling fresh and clean with a crisp spearmint scent! I truly felt ready to take on those germs, armed and ready with my new Method antibac products that claim to kill 99.99% of household bacteria including, E.coli, salmonella enterica, influenza A and H1N1 virus on hard, non-porous surfaces.  I literally did a happy dance after trying the products because they cleaned well; I liked the smell and felt good about using what I consider to be a safer product to fight the germs! I love CleanWell and with Method partnering with another company I trust I felt like it was a match made in heaven and off I went to war with the germs, spraying and wiping!

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Mom Go Green Blog Tour

No need to just take my word for it, how about the other moms that gave the products a whirl? Because Method knows that women clean, women want healthy homes and children and um, $.85 of every dollar is influenced by a woman – they wanted to get these products into the hands of moms like me, moms that are doing their best to go green!

“What I really enjoyed was the spearmint antibacterial cleaning spray. The bathroom smells super clean and lightly minty fresh.” – SafeMama

I tried out each of the three antibacterial products and found them to be pleasant in smell, effective, and easy to use.  I like the fact that I can use the cleaners on my children’s toys, high chairs, and potty.   I’ve often found that eco-friendly cleaners don’t “clean” as well as conventional cleaners. But I was quite impressed with how well the kitchen cleaner worked on my stove. – Rockin Mama

The kitchen cleaner does an equally good job, this time cutting through the grease and kitchen grime.  And the all purpose cleaning and disinfecting wipes are a great solution for those every day spills and clean-ups! –Stacey Says

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Katydid and Kid


Special Method Fight the Flu Twitter Party

No big surprise these mama’s were impressed but because Method knows that many people aren’t yet sold on anything but bleach or your traditional antibacterial cleaners,, perhaps skeptical or concerned that plant-based products don’t truly disinfect they wanted to provide an opportunity for questions to be asked and for us to learn about the cleaner and give your thoughts plus win some prizes! Method invites you to a special Fight the Flu Twitter party, facilitated by none other than The Smart Mama (@thesmartmama) who of course will give you her take on things!

Join the Method #ecowed Twitter party on November 17th from 10 – 11 p.m. EST – there will be prizes and you’ll be able to ask Method questions!  Follow @thesmartmama @methodtweet and look for the hashtag #ecowed to join in!

Disclaimer:  I received Method product to review and was not compensated for the review. I have been compensated for the Mom Go Green Blog Tour, it is a service. The bloggers are not compensated for their reviews but do receive product to review and a gift card as a thank you for their time. Bloggers who want to be part of  future tours click here and for companies, please contact me.

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