I got an email last week, I think (the days run together sometimes), from the editor over at How to do Things. He was asking if I might be interested in writing for this site and contributing to their upcoming” Guide to Green Living” section. I had never heard of the site (there are only a trillion sites out there) but when I checked it out, I found it fun and resourceful. How to do just about anything and not just anyone writes for the site and those that contribute have to be an “expert” in the area that they write for. Me an expert…it made my husband laugh but then he conceded, I do read more than the average person and research just about all interests in depth.

I wrote an article about “How to help relieve asthma using earth friendly products”. With my daughters recent experience it was a fitting article to write. Check it out when you get a chance and pass it on to others who might find the information helpful.

I have to give you an update; I got the nerve to talk to my daughter’s daycare director today. It was her first day back in over a week but I was nervous. I shouldn’t have been though, as a mom I need to be her advocate no matter what. She was very open minded and wanted me to bring in the Healthy Child Healthy World book I just reviewed and the DVD by Healthy Child Healthy World called the Blue Butterfly Program for schools and daycare’s. She seemed interested in Shaklee products because the organization endorses them and that made me feel hopeful. We also talked a little about BPA sippy cups and when I picked my daughter up she was throwing away all number 7 cups and wanted to know where to buy safe cups. This just goes to show that opening your mouth and spreading a good message pays off. Just think of how many other children I have helped?

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