Gratitude is the best attitude. ~Author Unknown

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it is fitting to think of what we are thankful for. What we are grateful for having in our lives. Sometimes it is easy to forget how lucky we are. Just tonight a lady was talking about her work and I commented on how stressful her work must be.

Her response,

“I’m grateful I have a job. I’m grateful I have a pay check to pay my bills and buy food.”

This was such a great attitude to have and I was envious of her positive attitude. No complaining about being stressed at work overwhelmed or tired. Just grateful for her work and what it provided her.

On this same note I heard a young mother talk about her husband being laid off of work and right before the holidays. I shouldn’t have listened in on this conversation but it struck a chord with me. She was happy to have this opportunity to spend more time with him, his hours were so long and the family had missed him. She was confident he’d find something or she would go back to work.

In one room two different circumstances but one common thread: a grateful attitude. This hung heavy on my heart as I drove my daughter home from her practice thinking of my long to do list. I would have ordinarily gotten into the car with a bad attitude, a negative one that had nothing to do with reflection or gratitude but of worry and self-pity feeling sorry for myself because I would not be in bed until midnight.

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My car ride home was different. My attitude was different. I drove home thinking not about my to-do list but of what I was grateful for.

A warm home with a loving family that is currently all healthy.

A job that intellectually stimulates me and that I enjoy.

A son who loves to read and asks to read instead of watching television.

A daughter whose asthma is currently under control and has not been hospitalized this year, thank goodness.

And the list continued to grow as I drove home. As I pulled into the driveway and even as I write this post because there is so much to be grateful for each and every day – don’t you agree? Its amazing how being opened minded and listening to others has inspired me to change my attitude

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