Autism and the unknowns, speculations, theories, correlation or no correlation to immunization, it is fascinating. There are the truths that that medical community believes and then there is the truth from the parent’s perspective, what they know to be true.  Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Tell a mother whose eyes glass over and never returns to her, the day of an immunization – there is no link to autism.

Tell a doctor who witnesses an outbreak of a disease and sees a child die – immunizations are bad.

There are two sides the coin or rather a large beating heart split down the middle. No one side is right. If only these two sides could come together to find a link, cause some common ground for a safe solution. If I mention an autism link to my doctor, I can see in her face that she thinks I’m reading too much and why can’t I just believe her. Can she see in my eyes the fear?

If it is not immunizations that pull the genetic trigger for autism, shouldn’t we be exploring the environmental toxins and don’t vaccines contain toxins? Recently a study was published and the scientist’s believe there very well is a strong correlation between environmental toxins and autism. The study was intended to study autism; birth order and age of parents but other possible factors were revealed that leaves a person to raise an eyebr

“Is this pure genetics? Or a toxic phenomenon?” said Darold Treffert, former president of the Wisconsin Medical Society, a psychiatrist at St Agnes Hospital in Fond du Lac and an expert in savant syndrome. Treffert was not involved in the study.

Other theories include the firstborn’s exposure to toxins. The chemicals a woman has acquired over her lifetime are either released directly into the fetus or passed through her breast milk as she nurses. The firstborn soaks up more of those stored chemicals.

My children are not autistic but like any mother who has suffered through losing a child to autism and gaining a new and more unique and beautiful child – it is not something you can say for a fact. After all, my daughter is two and still has to have immunizations. Could she have a genetic component?

It is my personal belief, to immunize when a child is healthy and I employ an alternative vaccination schedule for my children. A mother has to make her own informed decision. Visit my autism resource page and past article from a nurse’s perspective on immunizations.

Tell me your thoughts, your stories. Do you believe there is an environmental toxin link to the increase in autism?

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