When I rent movies or check out books from the library I almost always have a late fee when I return them. It just happens to be who I am but the library and video store profit off of my personality flaw. Though I use the library and video store often I do wander and find alternatives with more book titles, longer rentals and more variety. I’ve tried Netflix a few times and I love the convenience of this service and all the new releases and recently I’ve come to find out about BooksFree.com, which has a similar concept as Netflix.

books free

With this online site you don’t pay for shipping, stock is guaranteed, you return books when you’re read to return them and can even donate a book for credit, interact with other readers and there are no late fees. Perfect for a person like me! It isn’t really “free” because there is a monthly fee but if there are plans depending on you and your families needs. In my case the small fee for just the paper back books ($10.99 per month) was about what I paid in late fees at the library last I checked.

Have you checked out this Netflix of books called Books Free?

Why not? Great tips for free!

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