Awesome Hotel Amenities

Over the last few months, I have traveled a few different times for work and there’s a few things I’ve been very keen on noticing about hotels. I might have even become a little fussy. Maybe this is just because I travel often for business and/pleasure and over the years have done a lot of traveling, so I know what I like. I’m getting to know hotel chains and really understand what I want to spend my money on and what matters most to me when it comes to travel.

Hotel Amenities that Make a BIG Difference

Bedside Plugs for Phones. A hotel should have bedside plugs for phones. I’m not sure who uses the hotel alarm but I for one, use my cell phone. If I have to move nightstands or have my phone on the dresser across the room…I’m not a happy camper. I like my phone right next to me when I sleep. My stay at the Hilton in downtown Austin was awesome because they offered plugs on the side of the nightstand. Loved this feature!

A Full-Length Mirror is a MUST. A hotel must have a full-length mirror. I’m amazed at the number of hotels that do not have this. When I traveled to Nashville and stayed at the Hotel Indigo, there was no full-length mirror. So odd! How is a girl to know if her shoes match her outfit? Come on, it is a simple upgrade to any hotel room and it makes a huge difference to any traveler who cares how they look.

Free Wi-Fi. Honestly, charge me a few extra dollars for the rate of my room, but don’t ask for $9.99 a day for the Internet. If this happens to me, I never stay or recommend this hotel again.

An In-Room Mini Refrigerator. Such a nice feature for travelers! I often eat half my dinner, take it back to the room, and eat again for lunch or even breakfast. This saves me money and allows me to not waste food. A huge plus in my book!

EXTRA Special Hotel Amenities

Digital Check-In. Let guests check in from their cell phone app. Hilton Honors has a free app for Smartphones and if you’re a member (you should be), you can check-in the day before you arrive. You can even pick your room and request upgrades, etc. I was able to check-in to the Hilton Austin, the day before and had a digital key to get into my room. I was able to choose a room not near the elevator or ice machine too! I loved this feature!

Bedside Temperature and Lighting Control. Yes, it is high tech but SOOO NICE! At the Hilton Austin, I could literally just turn over in bed and hit, “night light” and could safely see my way to the bathroom. I bruise easily, so this is a nice feature. It got HOT one night and I could adjust the temperature from my bed. Blissful!

Complimentary Robes. Not to take home but to use while there. This is such a fancy feature and you usually only see it on the executive level but man is it nice! Again, at the Hilton Austin, I had this and loved the feature. Maybe that is why the room costs more because of the extra special amenities but to me, it’s worth it!

What hotel amenities do you think are important? Besides a clean room, blow dryer, toiletries, what do you look for when you book a hotel? I’m always thinking green, so here’s a list of some eco-friendly guidelines to look for when traveling, especially if you have a choice when booking business travel.

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