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Children love to put things together. Create. Imagine. Build. My daughter loves jewelry and recently we were introduced to B. toys and their color, creativity and approach to play was right up my one child’s avenue! If you visit the website you’ll see how vibrant and fun the company is but better yet all of the company’s products are phthalate-free, lead free and BPA free! AND many of the items come in packaging that becomes the gift wrap and is 100% recycled and recyclable! So no need for wasting paper on gift wrap! Genius! With lead scares and recalls parents are worried about the toys they buy for their children but here is what B. toys has to say:

Our materials vary depending on the type of toy and the age for which it is designed. We use wood, plastics, cloth, ribbon and many other materials. Nothing we use contains any lead or phthalates. In addition to carefully choosing materials for our toys, we are passionate about the materials used to make our packaging. Read more about our eco-friendly packaging.

My daughter was just smitten with the pop-art from the colors to the endless possibilities of creating necklaces, rings, bracelets and chains and chains of patterns! Seriously the possibilities are endless and have provided her with hours of creative play that she comes back to over and over never bored with the toy!

I can confidently say my children are enjoying their B. toys and I love that their available at Target and for every toy purchased the company gives a dime to children in poverty! We all know dimes add up and that unfortunately there are too many children in poverty so buying from B. toys this upcoming year will on my to do list when it comes time for birthday’s, Easter baskets and holiday shopping!

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  1. Hey.. I live in USA. I am going to be a father in 4 months.. The B toys sounds so good. These are creative and fun to do.. What is the age limit of using these? Thanks!! 🙂

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