Remember leg warmers? I can’t even tell you how many pairs I had or how high I would tease my bangs when I wore them! Now my little punk rocker, Josie, can be like her mommy and wear funky, hip and trendy BabyLegs! They’re leg warmers but for babies and luckily the teased bangs and lots or aerosol hair spray is out! Wait this is a green blog so why am I writing about BabyLegs? To tell you that they have an organic line and they’re trying to help Mother Earth out. The company is actually donating 10% of their sales until April 22nd to The Nature Conservancy. In on honor of Earth Day they’re sprinkling some green love, isn’t that nice? I thought so and figured some of you out there might want to try a pair of these or give a pair for a gift and why not help the environment too? Sounds like a good deal to me.

My daughter has a pair (not the organic ones though) and she looks so cute wearing them. Any age can wear them so maybe I’ll get a pair and look cool again! I will not spike my bangs though! Check out the site and if you’ve gotten a pair and loved them, help them get on Oprah!

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