Today is my son’s first day of school and he’s a big 1st grader! I can hardly even believe it. I sent him off on the bus and cried my eyes out after he left. I had been up since 6am and made a special breakfast, packed his lunch and sniffled over my coffee.  After meeting him at school to make sure the bus ride went okay I drove to work and it dawned on me I have many, many, many more days of lunch packing and early mornings ahead of me. I sniffled again because I am not a morning person!

I’ve written about packing a healthy school lunch and helping kids get off to school in the morning with a healthy breakfast but the truth of the matter is morning are busy and sometimes I need some quick, easy, healthy and something the kids will actually eat! Which is where Revolution Foods™ comes in and saves my butt because the kids like the products and they are organic, not something you find every day! I wish I had a Revolution Foods™ school program near me but instead I’m stocking my cupboard with items for packing lunches and some great on the go snacks!

The downfall is the waste and I really do attempt to go waste free but that is not always possible but at least I’m choosing healthy and delicious with no high fructose corn-syrup, Trans fat, organic ingredients, no corn syrup and no artificial ingredients! My kids especially enjoy the Grammy Sammy™ snack size sandwich bars.

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“Our Grammy Sammy™ is a soft baked graham sandwich filled with yogurt goodness”

This is what we keep stocked for after school snacks, on the go breakfast or the evening when the kids claim to be starving to death! The favorite in the house happens to be the Cocoa Graham & Banana Yogurt (mom likes this too) and with some organic milk, yum!

The Jammy Sammy™ is perfect for the lunch box and again I know the kids love them, they are filling and best of all good for the kids with no “yucky” fillers or artificial ingredients!  They come in four different flavors but we prefer the PB & Strawberry!  When I’m out of town traveling these make life much easier on my husband and with a yogurt, apple the kids are full and well fed!

So if you are anything like me and you’re sniffling in your coffee over the early mornings and having to pack lunches and hurry out the door each morning, give Revolution Foods™ a try and make your year a little bit easier and filling!

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  1. Awww. My oldest started 1st grade August 16th. She's loving it! Hopefully your son will too!

  2. WONDERFUL article! I can so relate to how you felt, as my two traipsed off to first grade and kindergarten this year as well. We haven't tried the Revolution items yet, but we do stay as artificial dye and additive-free as we can. Those two things and 6-year-olds don't mix well at all.

    Thanks for new ideas:)

  3. Aww..yeah I remember the time when I first sent off my son to school. But like what you've said, you have at least 5 years until he's “too old” to be sent off to school. 🙂

    I've tried the sandwich bars and they're awesome! I grab one every time I'm hungry. It saves me from making an unhealthy sandwich.

  4. Yes and he had a very nice day and it all worked out. Though he did ask for hot lunch today because his friends were eating it! =(

  5. Thank you for sharing! My daughter loves nuts so that makes snacks and lunch variety easier in our home!

  6. You are welcome! Wow, you had big back to school start! I hope your children had nice days at school.


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