Signs that summer is ending: The leaves are changing colors, it’s dark outside by 8:30, we aren’t using the air conditioner and we are going shopping for school, AHHHH! For some of you this might be a great time of year but it always saddens me to see summer end. This year is especially sad for me because my little girl is going to pre-school for the first time (can you hear my sobs).

Now that I have depressed all of you I do have some good news, Shopping Time! Most women like to shop so I’m hear to give to the inside scoop to shopping green this season.  

eBay Green Team has a green guide to help you shop smart from K-College, which includes tips for shopping smarter and greener, different ways to make lunch healthier for both your child and planet, green school supply options, clothing and more. Ethical Ocean, an online ethical marketplace aiming to increase the awareness and consumption of ethical products, has another great green guide that includes information on litter-less lunches, green recess gear, green school supplies, which includes non-toxic are glue, newspaper pencils, corn plastic scissors and more.   

If you are looking specifically for eco-friendly school supplies you can check out the green backpack, all of their supplies are made from recycled or sustainable material. You can get anything from recycled tire ballpoint pens, recycled milk jug binders, recycled plastic rulers and more. The Naked Binder is another great resource for eco-friendly office and school supplies.

These are just a few of the amazing companies that make shopping green a little easier for Mom’s and Dad’s. Good luck this school year


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