Do you want to earn points, prizes, and gain some great eco-friendly tips and advice just by taking some quizzes, school shopping and living a green lifestyle? I do! Recyclebank, the company that rewards consumers for every day green actions launched a contest called Green Your School Year, designed to educate and motivate families to make more eco-friendly school year decisions.

Here is how it works:

The contest will cover three stages (back-to-school shopping, the school day and after school), which will be incrementally revealed as the contest progresses, which runs through September 30. Through each stage, participants take interactive quizzes, make pledges to carry out a green action and learn Eco-friendly tips relevant to the current stage. For each challenge completed and pledge promised, participants earn Recyclebank points. In addition to redeeming Recyclebank points for major brand discounts and deals, Recyclebankis offering over 100 prizes to the contest’s highest scorers (with a grand prize worth over $10,000 in school-related gear). As the contest progresses, participants will walk away with an understanding of how to make daily school-related activities – from packing lunch to shopping to carpooling.

I have already started my back to school shopping stage with RecycleBank and earned 80 points, Yeah!! Things that I have done to cut down on the environmental impact that school shopping can cause is as follows. My first goal was to find the perfect re-usable lunch sack for my daughter. I went online and researched several different brands to make sure they were Eco-friendly, their product didn’t’ contain PVC, BPA, were lead free etc. Secondly, My girlfriend and I carpooled to the store to look for school clothes and supplies for our daughters. I ended up buying her two pairs of leggings and two pairs of shoes. That was all I needed because the rest of her clothes and supplies were purchased at the Goodwill or were hand me downs from my niece. As RecycleBank points out, The greenest article of clothing is hand me downs and recycled clothes because you are cutting out the manufacturing and transportation cost. I will keep you posted on my progress through the stages of RecycleBank’s contest and encourage you to do the same. Happy Shopping!!

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