When I was younger I remember my great grandmother having a root cellar {I was petrified to go down there with all of the spiders} stocked full of canned beans, corn, jams and sauces. I remember the smell of vinegar and mayonnaise in my hair because this is how she would rinse and then condition my long stringy blond hair.  Line drying clothing, towels that felt stiff at bath time but smelled of fresh air – it was all normal to me.  My one grandmother even used stale beer to highlight her hair in the summer and saved her coffee grounds for the garden!

Simple and basic living that to some children or people would seem peculiar. Why use stale beer to highlight your hair when you can go to the salon? Can your own jelly? Why not just head to the grocery store and save yourself time? Admittedly, I am guilty of over consumption and taking the easier road which means a higher grocery bill and more waste.  I don’t know how to can my own food, I’m not very good at keeping my plants alive and if I get a coupon I forget to use it. I’m green in many, many ways but like most people in the world I have some areas where I can and should improve.

Introducing Back to the Basics with Lindsey

Then I met Lindsey a paramedic, married with two dogs that enjoy hunting, fishing, playing the piano and making her own metal jewelry.  Lindsey does not like cake or pancakes but give her some rhubarb custard pie with a bit of vanilla ice cream and she’s a happy woman!  A fabulous lady who coupons, gardens, cans, makes her own laundry soap and like myself grew up with a grandmother who could do it and lived simply – like we all probably should.

Lindsey will be a regular Green and Clean Mom contributor who will bring you excellent tips, DIY guides, personal experiences, recipes and more all related to gardening, canning, couponing and well, just getting back to the basics! Please welcome Lindsey! I’m beyond excited to learn more from her myself!

Getting to Know Lindsey

G&CM: Saving money, being frugal, eating food that you grow – this is important stuff to you but has it always been that way or was there something that made you realize that you needed to get “back to the basics”?

Lindsey:  I have not always lived how I do now. I looked at our grocery bill and thought ‘this is terrible’ that is when I knew I had to do something. I started with coupons, then this transformed into buying in bulk and freezing food. After a while I realized that I wanted to be more ‘self-sustainable’ and decided that gardening, freezing, dehydrating, canning, couponing, and making basic household staples was the way to go.

G&CM:  If you had to give Green and Clean Mom readers one piece of advice on how they could get started with a garden and growing their own food verses buying, what would you tell them? Is it really that simple?

Lindsey:  Give it a try! If you plant a whole garden and eat only what you grow OR have 1 plant in a flower pot- it is all proactive towards a better style of living!

G&CM:  We’ve talked at length about your love for canning food and how you’re considering creating a root cellar from your basement. You are very motivated and inspirational. Do you have anyone that inspires you or motivates you?

Lindsey:  Although I have many people that inspire me on a regular basis I have to say that my Grandma Betty is a person that comes to mind on this topic. She has EVERY answer and has ‘been there done that’ when it comes to canning and food preservation. I use her original pressure canner that she was given when she was 21 years old with the original cook book.

G&CM:  What is your favorite book or resource to help you learn about gardening, soil, seeds, canning, cooking, etc.? Okay, you can pick two!

Lindsey:  I use the ‘Ball’ books (any one I can get my hands on) and also the cookbook that my Grandma Betty gave me which has no cover and is missing the inner pages for any credit to be given.

G&CM:  Lindsey, if you could do anything, anything at all to make your “back to the basics” dream come true – what would it be? What do you dream about at night when you think gardening, canning, cooking, saving, cleaning, etc.?

Lindsey:  I would love to move back onto a farm and have the ability to be more self-sustainable. To have animals again and a large garden. I have a ‘backyard’ garden- this is why I know that the readers can do what I am doing!


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