Tap water gets a bad rap. I personally use filtered water and feel safest using filtered water. If you’re on the go and you and you use a reusable water you most likely have to fill this bottle and use…tap water. There are lots of reports on how tap water can have mercury, lead, chlorine and copper among other impurities and pharmaceuticals. I’ve written about the pharmaceutical issue previously and filtered water and the benefits, it’s something I think we all need to be aware of and the bottled water issue and waste is out of control! All of that said, what does one do on the go? If you’re a green mom like me and your trying to be Eco-savvy you don’t want to buy a water bottle but your reusable water bottle is empty and the children are thirsty. Now what?

Back to the Tap is the solution. A bottle that is made of number four plastic, which is considered safe and does not leak toxins or is shown not to leak. It is a sports water bottle that is designed to filter the water as you drink. It can filter and treat up to 80 gallons of water, meaning you can reuse this bottle for a long, long time. If you buy bottled water this is going to save you close to $300.00 per year and help the environment.

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Back to the Tap is a part of the organization Earth Share and for each bottle purchased $1.00 is donated to Earth Share to support their cause. The company, Back to the Tap also offers an advanced filtration bottle that remove s99.99% of cysts, bacteria and protozoan parasites including Giardian and Cryptosporidium from water. Sound gross so I’m glad it removes all of that bad stuff and if I had poor drinking water or planned to travel to an area with poor drinking water, I’d buy this bottle for sure!

I’ve used the bottle for a week or so now and I’m happy with it. I wondered about what I would do when it was it was ready to be retired, I can’t recycle it. Then I discovered this was the water bottle that never ends because I can just buy a new filter and keep drinking safe filtered water and not buying bottled water. This will be perfect for traveling and in airports or on the road.

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