Around Memorial Day I wrote about the book, Backyard Betty and how I really considered myself a “hotel” kinda girl. I like a toilet and shower and rainwater and digging my own hole, just don’t cut it.  Backyard Betty gave me a new look on camping but would I consider giving it a try but with my kids? Um, well…I’m thinking no, for right now. My daughter eats sticks, rocks, bugs and swells up like a balloon when she’s bit. My son, he cries when a stick jumps out and scratches him (I did not call him a wimp).  Please, don’t misunderstand me, I love the outdoors and taking my children exploring but at a park, nature preserve, at the beach, State Park or in my own safe (kinda) yard. We’re outside all the time and I love it but I have my limits. Sleeping in a tent with rocks under me and things crawling all over-yes, I’m talking about my kids-just doesn’t sound fun. I’m the wimp or just scared to death!

Heidi, this brave, adventurous, kind spirited mom who braves the outdoors and camps with her wee one is inspiring me to think about this camping stuff from a new perspective. Note, I don’t say I’m thinking of doing what she’s doing. Bless your heart for thinking this but no, it’s not me in this life time. Now Heidi, she’s all about it and I admire this. I do. I have to but from afar. Like on the Internet reading her super cool stories. Check out Heidi’s blog and read about her taking baby backpacking for three days, her ideas, suggested supplies and more.  Watch for a guest post soon from Heidi. She’s gonna be my unofficial G&CM outdoor expert. I haven’t told her yet but that’s how I think of her. Smile.

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