I learned today that the banana is America’s number one fruit and they have no fat, cholesterol or sodium!  My kids love bananas but because they’re available year around and they are affordable, we get bored eating them. Slicing them in cereal, making muffins, breads and even using them in pancake batter are some tricks I’ve used for making the most of this healthy high in potassium, vitamin c and fiber fruit. We’ve made banana pops and dipped them in chocolate, eaten them with peanut butter and now we’re going to try freezing them and without chocolate!

Freezer Bananas

What You Need:

-2 firm bananas

How to Make It:

-Peel the bananas.

-Cut into bite size chunks.

-Place all the banana chunks into a freezer bag.

-Place in the freezer for up to two weeks.

2 Servings

Use bananas that are ripened through.  The freezer enhances the flavor just be sure the bag is sealed tightly so no ice crystals appear on the bananas.  It’s easy and everyone loves this healthy snack.

How do you use banana’s and what is your favorite recipe?

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