I remember as a child always being barefoot, I really didn’t like shoes and certainly did not like socks! When I had my son I remember my mother telling me to not put his feet into shoes, his feet were growing and shoes would make it hard for him to learn to walk.  Besides it being difficult to keep shoes on his chubby little feet, I figured my mom knew what she was talking about! There are so many myths out there about shoes and how they should or should not fit, it is confusing. I’ve always spent good money on shoes for my children because I want them to last, be comfortable and not hinder their growth.

This interesting video by VIVOBAREFOOT helps explain some of these myths and why barefoot is best! I have yet to try these shoes but now I’m going to have too!

VIVOBAREFOOT kids – Barefoot is Best from VIVOBAREFOOT on Vimeo.

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