Battery Storage and Holiday Preparation

The average family will spend close to $1,000 this year on holiday gifts. That’s a lot of dough. How much do you spend each year on Christmas gifts? I’d say on average a $1,000 for the season is about what we spend. There are some years we spend less and some years we spend more. This year, we’re going on a holiday vacation. A Disney Cruise, so yes, we’re spending more this year. Regardless of what we spend each year there are a few constant staples on my holiday shopping list.

  1. Batteries
  2. Tape
  3. Gift Wrap

If you’ve ever wrapped gifts on Christmas Eve, you know how crucial number 2 and 3 are. If you have young children you know how important number 1 is. There is nothing fun about Christmas morning without batteries. And yes, I’ve forgotten batteries and trust me, it is devastating and I’ve blamed Santa. Regardless, Santa is not with me to wipe the tears away when a toy won’t work because there are no batteries. Oh and a baby who wants her light up toy to light up and sing to her, she doesn’t understand the Santa excuse.

The answer, buy batteries and put them at the TOP of your list.

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Battery Storage and Holiday Preparation

Create a Stocked Battery Storage Kit

The happiest of Christmas mornings include smiling children playing with their WORKING toys. This is why I’ve created a battery storage kit, stocked full of every type of battery and even a place to put old batteries for recycling. This kit is easy to make and you can easily see which batteries you are low on to add to your grocery list. My kids always let me know when I’m out of something but I’m sure to check this periodically. At least now I will not have to be taking batteries out of remotes and older toys to make a Christmas toy work. (Don’t lie, you have so done this!)

The best part about having this battery storage kit stocked, the kids can easily help themselves and I’ve included a screwdriver. There is no reason my son, who is almost 11, cannot replace batteries on his own. No mom needed!

Battery Storage and Holiday Preparation

When you’re prepared for the holiday with every alkaline battery size that exists, there won’t be any tears. Every toy will make a sound, light up and hopefully function correctly. That is after you’ve gotten the darn thing out of the package that is secured with a thousand twisty ties!

Create your own DIY battery storage kit and save on adding batteries with these printable Rayovac coupons. You’ll be happy you did this, trust me. Santa won’t be to blame this year!

Disclaimer:  I am a Rayovac Ambassador and I am compensated for my time. To create the kit, I spent my own money and stocked up on batteries. All opinions are my own. Please view other DIY ideas and Rayovac sponsored posts for inspiration.


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