A very recent article in the New York Times, titled, For ‘EcoMoms,’ Saving Earth Begins at Home , mentions what they call a “subculture” of moms being “green moms” and this blog is listed. What an amazing honor and a surprise. What I do each day is try to be some shade of green. I don’t profess to be an expert, environmentalist or know-it-all but I try to teach my children, other moms and those around me how to live in a more natural way and not use harmful toxins to clean their home. There are other options that work just as well or better then what we might be used to or what we were taught to use.

Besides being passionate about my children I am passionate about helping other moms like myself learn about how to do something good for their family, their health and the environment. Not only is it important for me to help moms learn about the products they use in their homes each day or what they put on their bodies or in their bodies but to help show moms how they can earn an income being an green mom like me.

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The New York Times article touches on what so many moms I work with mention and that is feeling overwhelmed by all of the information out there and not knowing where to start and what is right or wrong. That’s the best part about working with a group of moms like myself, we work it out together and we know we have a company of 51 years that we can trust with zero product recalls, deep environmental roots and one with longevity and heart. There couldn’t be anything more reassuring then knowing that you’re doing the right thing for everyone and that you’re making an impact one home at a time, starting with your own. So join me on my mission to help make every family live in a non-toxic home.

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