If you say head lice, most people scratch their heads. I just typed the words and I’m now scratching my head. I’ll probably go look in the mirror later too! Lice are just pesky buggers and they’re hard to get rid of and once you have them or have someone in your home have them – the war is on! Besides thinking you’ve lost your mind and washing everything in your home a dozen times and then a dozen more for good measure you’re trying to figure out how to kill the lice and never, ever, ever have them return.

So yes, you lecture your kids over and over about not sharing brushes or hats. You demonstrate where they should put their hat when not wearing it {in the sleeve of your coat} and then you check them every day and night and morning.

Maybe I’m a little paranoid but if you’ve had a child come home with lice you wig a little. They mess with your mind and the fear of God is put in you that once you’ve gotten rid of them and shaved your son’s head they’ll come back.

Which is why when I had the first note home of the season explaining that there was an incident of lice I was prepared. Well armed with Lice Defense by Circle of Friends. Oh, yeah I had the shampoo and leave in conditioner spray and I was ready to use it!

We luckily have remained lice free but the shampoo is used daily and so is the leave in conditioner spray. I really like the leave in conditioner spray because a little goes a long ways and the spray mist spray’s over my daughter’s hair nicely and makes brushing her thin blond hair a breeze. I pretend I’m covering her head with a lice shield – go on you little buggers try it! Ha! Ha! It makes brushing her hair fun so I just pretend! We were lucky to have the combo set to use to review and try but I’ve liked the smell and the results so well I’m ordering the large bottle of spray, more leave in conditioner and the styling gel for my son!

Besides liking the product results and smell I’m pleased that they’re safe to use and not full of nasty chemicals. The leave in conditioner, for example, is a blend of tea tree, andiroba and lavender oils.  The company discloses all of their ingredients and though the lists aren’t “perfect” they’re far better and safer than most of the products I’ve seen to prevent or kill lice!

What do you do to prevent lice from overtaking your home and hairy heads?

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