The snow if flying in Michigan and this means it is time to get our snowmobiles ready for the trails. I cannot wait!!! I’m new to snowmobiling and last year I learned a lot. I mean a lot. I took my first very long snowmobile trip with my husband and wow, I wish someone would have given me some of these tips before I hit the trail. You can watch my video here but in summary, here are my tips for women who are new to snowmobiling.

Beginner Snowmobiling Tips for Women

  1. Where a sports bra! The ladies need support and if you go for 6 plus hours, you’ll pay a miserable price the next day for not having the support. Trust me, I know. Learn from my experience because when you hit the trails there are bumps and they’ll hurt if you’re not supported.
  2. Have a quality helmet. They’re expensive but well worth every penny. Your head being protected is aSnowmobiling Tips for Beginners: A Quality Helmet is a MUST must. Having a good snowmobile helmet protects your head, allows you to see clearly and doesn’t fog up and keeps you warm. You don’t want heat to escape your head; you want to be warm and cozy.
  3. Pack a Stormy Kromer. When you stop to warm up, you’ll have some fugly hair (yes, that is a word). Put on a Stormy Kromer and you’ll be styling and nobody will see your helmet head. Plus, they’re made in Michigan.
  4. Snowmobile with people that know the trails and can read trail maps. There is no Target or Starbucks on the corner, just pine trees and they all look the same (to me anyhow). So follow someone who has experience. You don’t want to get lost.
  5. Learn the language. Snowmobilers are nice but they’re not giving you fist bumps and peace signs. I thought this at first and commented at how nice everyone on the trail was. I quickly learned that a fist bump means NO more snowmobilers are in your group behind you. High five, means …five more are behind you. Get the drift? Yes, I was a dork but now I’ve got it!
  6. Wear a snowmobiling jacket, dedicated for sledding! Otherwise, your coat will smell of exhaust. Also, the average jacket is not made for the wind, snow and cold. I wore an average winter jacket and almost couldn’t sled back to our hotel for the night. I was that cold. You need to be warm and protect yourself from the elements. Otherwise, snowmobiling won’t be any fun

I’m loving snowmobiling and can’t wait for packed groomed Michigan trails! As I learn more about snowmobiling, I’ll be sure to share. I’m new to hitting the trails for long distances but loving every moment.

If you’re interested in reviews of equipment, gear, trails, lodging or anything else related to hitting the snowmobile trails be sure to contact me. My husband is an avid snowmobiler and mechanic and well, we live in Northern Michigan so we know snow!


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