Lately I’ve been wondering if I should give Yoga a chance. I’ve heard great stuff about it and everyone I know that does Yoga seems super healthy and fit. They say Yoga is about toning, calming and reducing stress on the body – um, I need all of those! So how can a busy mom fit Yoga into her schedule? Supposedly, it does not take much time so maybe it’s the perfect exercise for me.

Here’s why I’m thinking Yoga might be worth a try:

Yoga is Flexible. A comfy mat and some cute Yoga pants and I am ready to go! Traveling or at home I can do Yoga because all I need is my body!!

Yoga and Posture. Grandma always used to tell me to sit up straight, good posture is important she would tell me. Well, Yoga postures concentrate on proper alignment of the body by reducing pressure on the neck and back (tension in those two places anyone?). Did you know that when you have correct posture you can increase your lung capacity for deeper breathing??

Yoga is about Breathing. Okay, part of it anyhow and these techniques are called pranayama. Increased oxygen into the body equals increased focus and mental acuity. I could use this too!

Yoga and Health Benefits.  According to there are over 77 health benefits of yoga! Moms are required to be flexible but their muscles might need some help. Poses help to increase flexibility of muscles and strengthen core muscles; which is where the toning and sculpting come in.

Yoga Decreases Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. My blood pressure some days hits the roof with the crying, fits and juggling I do. Some deeper breathing through Yoga can help promote mental calmness and reduce stress. Ahhhh, wouldn’t that be nice?

Yoga and Children. If mom is too busy to do Yoga alone there is no need to worry – do some Yoga with the kids! There are many classes offering Yoga for kids and videos! I might need to start with Yoga for kid’s video to be honest! After reading a great article on Eco Child’s Play I’m even more positive that Yoga for Kids has great benefits.

Yoga at Home. No need to register for a class when there are great Yoga DVD’s and even Yoga on the Wii Fit. Buy videos that fit your schedules and best of all, start somewhere.

I’m feeling calmer after just writing this post about Yoga! Mind and body tool that can help moms stay healthy and calm – you can’t beat that! Do you do Yoga?

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