A recent client of @3greenangels and the sponsored host of tonight’s #ecowed Twitter party are teaching me something new. Helping me to learn about toxicants and what I need to know about the products I put on my babies body and the non-toxic, compostable, biodegradable alternative diaper options.

I invite you to read some recent reviews of Better Baby Bums that were part of a Mom Go Green Blog Tour and you’ll be impressed with what these moms have to say about the diapers!

The Full Mommy

“I love the Broody Chick diapers. They are both soft and fit really well on my child. I didn’t have any issues with leakage, including naptime when he usually wets heavily. The Bambo diapers performed as well as the national store brand I often buy.”

Thrifty and Chic Mom

“I worried that these diapers might not be as absorbent since they are fully decomposable but this was definitely not the case.”

Does Mommy Love  It

” They are so soft. Anyone who’s tried natural diapers knows this is a feat! The fit is perfect and there are no leaks for my little chick. As if that wasn’t enough, your diapers come in an adorable (recycled) box. I am a sucker for great packaging.”

Real Baby Food

“I was shocked to find that both Bambo and Broody Chick easily hold as much as the expensive diaper brands.  There’s absolutely no difference in absorbency, and I haven’t had one of them leak yet!”

Blessed Tree House

Practically Green Vlog: Better Baby Bums from Alison Hooper on Vimeo.

Super Savvy Mommy

“I was sent a pack of Broody Chick 100% Natural and Fully Compostable Diapers to review. When I first opened the package (which is a cardboard box!) I noticed that the diapers were really soft.”

Busy Mommy Media

“The Broody Chick diapers feel slightly papery on the outside (as most disposable diapers do) but I was impressed by how soft the inside is. I have an extremely active 2 year old but I was able to get a snug fit on him with no leakage (except when he decided to take the diaper off and streak through the house, but no diaper can stand up to that).”

Safe Mama

“These fit my 7 month old great and we had zero leaks.. and believe me, my kid can leak through a diaper faster than a speeding bullet.”

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