I’m one of those people who have a night stand full of books and they have sticky notes all over the pages, the pages are earmarked or something like a pencil or pen is saving a page. I do too much reading but for the most part, this is a good thing. I have two books I’m going back and forth with right now, Backcountry Betty and Big Green Purse. Both are fabulous and so far, fun reads. Your probably wondering what a Betty is, I did too. I’ll shed more light on this when I’m finished reading the book and post on it but Urban Dictionary defines a “Betty” as a hot chick that is stylish. So I guess they really mean Green & Clean Mom and should link to my site!

All Betty’s for sure having a stylish Big Green Purse! I have to tell you, Big Green Purse, is a fat book with a lot of pages and tons of resources and information. I’m learning a ton from Diane Mackachern, the author. The idea behind Big Green Purse is we all have one and we can all use our green mullah to change companies that are making environmentally dangerous products. One example is that, as consumers we spend $50 million dollars on cosmetics and if we just shifted our spending on one or two products to more environmentally friendly products and companies, the industry would get the point! We have power all you Green Betty’s out there. I cannot wait to finish these two books and tell you more about them. I just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that I’ll also be giving these away! You’ll have a chance to win them when the new site launches on June 1st! Happiness!

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Another great source for books that we all should be looking into is, EcoBrain.com! You can read books online and cut down on the waste of printing, paper, ink and they have a huge selection. Each month I will be reviewing one book from EcoBrain.com to share with you. Hopefully you’ll check out there selection and if you subscribe to this blog and make sure you come back for more juicy green details, you could win a $50 EcoBrain.com e-certificate. I told you lots of good stuff will happen when the new site launches!

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