We all know that kids come with messes. The baby stage comes with spit up, slobber, poop, etc.. The toddler stage comes with spills and stains from food, drinks, paints and more. The kid stage comes with dirt, mud, sludge and well the list goes on. I’ve used different types of bibs, smocks, shirts, and even towels to avoid messes but it’s inevitable; I still end up changing my daughters clothes and sweeping the floor. My daughter is now 2 ½ , as she would say, and too old to wear a bib. I try getting her to wear a bib at dinner and she tells me she’s not a baby; during art time she refuses to wear the smock we bought her because it’s uncomfortable and noisy. I finally found the solution to my problem and hopefully yours too.

Bibbitec is the solution to our problem; it’s a smart, innovative, and eco conscious mess saver. There’s not a conventional word to use for this product because it’s so many products wrapped into one. The bibbitec is a bib, apron, placemat, art smock, burp cloth, nursing cover, stroller blanket, changing cloth, high chair cover, and lapkin all rolled into one. If I would have had this product two years ago it would have saved me money, time, energy, and space. The bibbitec is only 17inches by 28inches and can be folded up into the size of a sunglass case. This is one great product!

You know when you open a product or touch it for the first time you can tell if it’s good quality? Well this was one of those products. One side is made of fleece from partially recycled material and the other side is a poly nylon blend. The product is sturdy, soft, lightweight, easy to use, stain resistant, fast drying, odor free, hypoallergenic, liquid repellent and comfortable for kids to wear. According to the company the product is machine washable and specifically engineered with material that does not shrink or lose it’s quality. The product has been tested and labeled by Oeko-Tex®, which according to the company means that there are no toxins in the fabric or in the land after the production of the product.

I can’t tell you enough how satisfied I am with this product. My daughter doesn’t give me grief about wearing it because of it’s comfort and feel and I save on the messes. Just last night my husband (so observant) was taking my daughter into the bedroom to change her “so called outfit” because she got paint on it. I asked him what he was doing and he said changing her outfit; I told him that isn’t her outfit that’s a bibbitec. The bibbitec is not an eye sore to wear and is comfortable and safe. I love how the bibbitec is long and covers my daughters entire body but not long enough for her to trip on. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is having a baby, has a baby, or already had a baby that’s now a “big kid”. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I did.

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