I’m so excited to show this to you, especially since there’s so much sad and depressing news surrounding Ford and the auto industry. Erin from Queen of Spain Blog posted about the trouble in Detroit and her grandfather being in the auto industry. It made me tear up, I can relate. On two levels, living in Michigan and having a grandfather like hers.

On a greener more up beat note I am excited to share a video on moms making a difference in the auto industry and for the environment.  A few months ago when I was first was turned onto the Ford Flex, took a test drive (unsolicited) and started emailing and tweeting with Scott Monty the head social guru for Ford, he told me about the Bio Women and what they were working on. I knew they were headed in the green direction and I posted on this recently but finally I can share more detail with you.

Before I forget, head over to Blogher and leave a question for Ford Motor Company’s Susan Cischke-and I want your questions. Cischke is Group Vice President, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering where she is responsible for establishing Ford’s “long range sustainability strategy and environmental policy.”

For the five women on Ford’s biomaterials team, ‘green’ means a material that is sustainable. That’s why this innovative group of moms designed the first-ever recyclable, soy vehicle seat. But why would you want to sit on a soybean?

*There are 300 pounds of plastic in the average vehicle.
*Traditional plastic materials can spend more than1000 years in a land fill.
*Soy seats are composed of natural hemp and soybean fibers, and degrade within 90-120 days when put in a compost pile.
*Soy seats are 20-30% lighter than traditional plastic composites, which is great for fuel economy too!

Watch this video and learn more about these kick butt moms and what they are doing to make a difference for the environment and for Ford. I know I’m excited and knowing that soy beans can be harvested in Michigan I’m really happy for the Michigan farmers.

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