Hand Sanitizers are used to frequently with children. Everyone is afraid of germs and feel that they need to wipe and clean everything. I can relate. I don’t my child catching a nasty flu bug and being sick for a week. There are times when you are out an about and you need to wash your hands and there is no soap and water. These times might call for alternatives and in my article about triclosan and hand soap I point to many alternatives for staying healthy.

Another option that I’ve discovered is Wysi™Wipe. Biodegradable, scent-free and made of 100% pulp fiber. These little white tablets are easy to store in my purse, diaper bag, car and coat pocket. With my reusable bottle of water, which is always handy, I just pour a little water on the tablet and I have a wipe. It’s that simple.  When we go to a restaurant and the children are messy after dinner I pull out my Wysi™ Wipe and dip it in the left over water from dinner. The kids can be wiped up in seconds and without nasty harmful chemicals. Afterward I don’t feel bad about this cloth taking up precious landfill space because it’s biodegradable. Could there be anything better?

Watch me wipe my messy daughter up in seconds with just a tiny bit of water. I’m so excited about these great Wysi™ Wipes I’m giving away two bags of 500! The Giveaway has ended and the following winners were drawn and notified:

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