Today my daughter is 5 years old and she asked for fruit kabobs for her school snack. How blessed am I? Of course these colorful and delicious fruit snacks are topped with 2 slices of candied fruit with sugar sprinkles but it is her birthday after all. Who doesn’t deserve some sugar on their birthday?

Admittedly, I was hoping for an easier, faster and less expensive birthday treat to prepare. Most children ask for cupcakes and these are easy to either make or buy either unhealthy or healthy but easier for the most part.  I’m normal and busy and with everything else I have to do for her birthday I was hoping for the easy way out but really who can complain if their child asks for something healthy such as fruit kabobs?


The trick to making these mouthwatering kabobs and not having the sugary candy turn to goo is to first add the candy fruit and then add either banana or the peel side of an apple. Anything wet such as pineapple or strawberries will make the candy slimy and then the “treat” part of the kabob is ruined.

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