Chlorine Bleach is one of the top 10 toxic and hazardous household products, sold on shelves today. Some common names for chlorine bleach: chloramine, sodium hypochlorite, bleach, hydrochloric acid, trihalomethanes, disinfection byproducts. This highly toxic cleaner is the number onemost swallowed cleaner by children causing poising. Exposure should be avoided, yet it is sold like crazy and allowed on the shelves of our stores. It has a horrible odor and causes respiratory problems, skin irritations and the list keeps going. If you use bleach, stop! There are alternatives that work just as well and aren’t toxic.

Just yesterday, out of Oregon, reported a recall on Every Day Living Bleach, manufactured by, KIK Corporation. This manufacture produces leading products for over 500 companies that we see all over the television and on store shelves (Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Target Brands,etc). The bleach was sold at Fred Meyer and QFC stores beginning January 17, 2008. These bottles of bleach could potentially explode when you open them! Woops! The manufacture says to put the bleach into two garbage bags and in an area that will not be harmed if it explodes. Hopefully, everyone reading this does not buy bleach but if you do, this is another reason to stop! If for some reason you have bought this highly toxic cleaning agent you will need the UPC code and can call 1-800-479-6603, ext. 656. Maybe you don’t buy the cleaner but know of someone that does, you should pass on this information and let them know of safe alternatives from a company that has had zero product recalls in 51 years!

Consider natural DIY household cleaners as an alternative>>>

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