From left to right: Calley, Amanda, Madeline and me.
From left to right: Calley, Amanda, Madeline and me.

This last weekend I spent my time in Dallas, Texas at a social media conference called Blissdom. I’m a four year veteran and in the past I’ve spoken or been a community leader. This time I was there to just absorb, experience, meet, network, engage and learn. In fact the first night I recognized Madeline from Luna Pads and screamed her name, super excited to see her! It had been almost four years since I last saw her in Las Vegas and it just so happened I was talking to Calley from The Eco Chic and  Amanda from The Eco-Friendly Family – amazing timing and so fun to catch up with such an awe-inspiring woman! And Heather from Rookie Moms, oh my…my ribs still hurt from laughing so hard. We tweeted way back in 2011 and meeting in 2013, how fun is that?  I enjoyed seeing my longtime friends Dina from Baby Center and Sarah from Buttoned Up®, we met at Blissdom Conference four years ago between sessions working in the hallway and the rest is history! Which is why I love what I do because if I wasn’t a blogger, if I didn’t go to conferences I would have never met these two amazing women – among many others? Like Shelly Kramer who is AMAZING-SAUCE and if you can stand by her and let her wisdom soak into your pores, please do so. Really! Plus she’s super funny and real as can be, in fact she presented on writing for the web and it was fabulous (you should read her post if you know what is good for you)! Ah, and Wendy Scherer of Social Media Group the data guru I call her! I love talking to Wendy because she always teaches me something about social media and what numbers I should be looking at and where to find them. For example, have you heard of Many Eyes before or maybe Wordle? Me either but Wendy is full of data and knowledge to make marketing creative but impactful.

Kate from The Small Things Blog (Isn't her hair to die for?)
Kate from The Small Things Blog (Isn’t her hair to die for?)

I wish I could list everyone I’ve ever met at a conference and how they’ve impacted my life. From what they’ve taught me to how they’ve inspired me, it is really a very, very long list. Instead let me share with you what inspired me and what I learned this year from Blissdom. After-all, it’s about learning, growing and figuring out our own unique path. The weekend was certainly humbling with the attendance being 50% new bloggers to the conference; I felt a wee bit like a senior in high school. I have to say some of the bloggers that I met that like Kate from The Small Things Blog, made me feel like 100 years old in blogging years but when my sister texted me and said I had to get my picture taken with Kate I was inspired to scope her out, learn from her and meet her. Seriously an amazing gal with an outstanding blog, have you seen her YouTube videos and hair tutorials (someday when I grow up I’ll have pretty hair like her)? WOW-za and we’ll my sister Kenzie loves her so enough said in my book. It made me realize that if you’ve been coming 4 years, 5 years or if it is your first year – we’ve all got talent, skills and incredible value to bring to the table. Don’t put yourself on a high horse folks, you’ll get knocked down…lesson learned!  Jill from Just Jilly and I discussed this and humbling was her word. Thanks Jill, I love you!

Inspiration and Redefining Success

I am first and foremost inspired by the Shaklee 180™ bloggers that I met at Blissdom. As a social media consultant for Shaklee I work on this blogger program and to meet any of the bloggers in person, it means so much to me!  I was so inspired to see their dedication to changing their lives and hug them and see their faces (I wish I could do this with all 90 bloggers.)  While traveling it is never easy to try and lose weight, I know this from first-hand experience. Yet Michelle from Honest and Truly was determined to do her best as was Candy from Candy Po and Fadra from All Things Fadra. Lucrecer Braxton was a delight to meet in person and I think she danced off any extra calories she might have eaten along with Kelly from The Grant Life and Jennifer from Busy Being Jennifer (who danced so quickly I couldn’t even take a picture)! These girls have moves! Maureen from Wisconsin Mommy and Fadra, they brought their blenders and were mixing smoothees – talk about dedication and inspiration!

The speakers at Blissdom (I mentioned Shelly and Wendy so you know I love them.) that inspired me included Shelia Marcelo, CC Champman and Jon Acuff.  Each of them left a lasting impression or quote that I can take with me but let me share a few of my favorite from each with hopes that you’ll become inspired, motivated or ready to make a change in your life.

Shelia Marcelo:

When asked to speak at a conference she called home and asked her husband and I believe assistant (yikes, don’t quote me on that one) if she should accept. The answer was simple, “If it moves the needs or you’re not going on a vacation you should say no.”


Let that sit with you a minute or two.


I know, right?

Oh and people pleasing, which I am a people pleaser. She said this is all about the “me” mode. You’re trying please people for you not them. What YOU think they want.  Pull yourself away from that, float outside your body and see the situation and you’ll see it is about you not them.

Um, I am still sitting with this one. It’s deep and I am a major people pleaser.

C.C. Chapman:

I like C.C. because he was funny and he said a few things that stuck with me. Such as you have “f” friends and “F” friends and you really need to leverage those capital “F” friends because if they’d ask you, you’d do it and wouldn’t think twice.

So true!

And the lasting example of a seagull because you know they always poop on you. It’s true they do and they’re annoying birds. We’ll we will always have seagulls in this world just like we’ll have them in our lives, which means someone will always come in and take a dump on you and tell you can’t do this or that. Wipe it off, move on their job in life is just that to s*&% on you!

Jon Acuff:

What a great speaker and maybe it’s because I’m working on my relationship with God and spirituality right now but he really resonated with me. Dina told me he would!  Anyhow when he first said to “share your scares so they couldJon Acuff be a lighthouse to help other people”, I was drawn in. Like most people I have scars and I never know how to share them, how honest to be and what to reveal. Here are a few other quotes and let me tell you if you let them really soak in they’ll impact you because after he spoke these words they’ve been in my head:

“Give yourself GRACE.”

“Fear is a liar. Fear gets louder whenever you do something important enough.”

“You cannot steer a boat from the shore.”

“Regret wants you to give your past to your future.”

“1 insult + 1,000 compliments = 1 insult”

“Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”

World-shattering quote for me, really and thank you Jon!

I’ll talk about the sponsors in a later post, the ones that I connected with for my brand but I’m thankful to all of them because in reality, they make the conference possible and I’m  so grateful for this and for Alli and Barbara and the entire Blissdom Conference teamBRAVO!

Heather from Rookie Moms
Laughing with Heather from Rookie Moms (she is seriously funny and she has cool glasses)!
From left to right: Candy, me and Kelly. What great gals!
From left to right: Candy, me and Kelly. What great gals!
Michelle was rocking her red dress that evening to hear Chris Mann!

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