Wow! I went through my business cards and stopped to think about all of the people I had lunch, dinner, drinks and great conversation with and the list is HUGE! BlogHer was like this too but I vowed to actually soak up the challenge to meet people and remember these people and interactions and to acknowledge this through visiting their blogs and following them on Twitter. Granted this might take a few days or weeks I still wanted to give a big Tuesday Shout Out because if you’re listed on here I remember meeting you and if you’re not listed I probably lost your business card (or brain overload) but introduce yourself again to me by leaving me a comment, please?

Kim who blogs at and I’m so glad you sat at our table for lunch!

Mendy who blogs savings at

Dina  who blogs at a few places but one of which I love is Mighty Nest. Thanks for the Baby Center sweatshirt, I wore it home so it was perfect!

Amy from Resourceful Mommy Media whose known for her Site Warming Parites!

Mel  who blogs at

Robin  who blogs at

Calie  who blogs at Brocolli Cupcake and I just adore that blog name!

Krista who blogs at Hope in the Waiting at

Selena who blogs at Apron Thrify Girl.

Emi with Real Girls Media who doesn’t have a blog but that is OKAY.

Cathe who blogs at Just Something I Made.

Rachelwho blog green living at Hounds in The Kitchen.

Liz Strauss who is amazing, witty and blogs at 

Kim from Mom Impact.

Kimberly with Real Food Media.

Leah from Bookie Boo and Mamavation.

Wendy with Social Studies Group who is soooo inspiring and smart it amazes me!

Susan  who writes at

Kimberly from Weston A. Price Foundation who blogs at

Kaley from Cha-Ching on a Shoestring.

Hillary from The Other Mama.

Shannon with Blog Icing and Mom Reinvented.

Cooper with blogs at The Motherhood.

Jennifer James with Mom Bloggers Club and she is so bright and sweet.

Jessica from Jessica Knows and of course you do know who she is right?

Wendy from Wendy Piersall who many know as emom and whom I admire like crazy.

Katja whom I passed and said hello to and hoped she knew who I was but probably not.

Lori of A Cowboys Wife one of my first blogging mentors. Smooch. Smooch.

Barbara from One 2 One Network a genius!

Christina with From Dates to Diapers whose super pretty and sweet as can be.

Shannan with Mommy Bits with great ideas up her sleeve.

Audrey from Mom Generations who has motivated me to be trendy on a budget.

Rachel of A Southern Fairytale and she likes to sniff herbs!

Jennifer from Beauty and Bedlham who has inspired me to visit my Goodwill!

The Nester and nesting is her thing, totally adorable and an expert of many things, especially nesting!

Heather from Home-Ec 101 who is super organized, beautiful and kind as can be!

Allison Worthington with Allison Worthington Media and I could go on and on about how great she is but if you know her you know what I mean and if you don’t you are missing out!

Adrianna with To Think is To Create who oozes the word genuine.

Steaz who brought me yummy energy tea and snacks!

A fellow Michigan blogger who I met on the airplane, Diaper Diaries.

Holly co-founder of Blog Frog who blogs at Bread Crumz.

AND the White Cloud Moms: Alyssa from Kingdom First Mom, Briana from Bargain Briana, Miranda of Keeper of the Cheerios , and Sarah from Get Buttoned Up!

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