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I’m leaving on a Jet Plane; don’t know when I’ll be back again.” This is the tune that I continually sang yesterday to myself (of course). I stepped on a pea with my barefoot, burned the palm of my hand on the cook top after my husband forgot to turn it off, the laundry seemed to multiply after I spent two hours grocery shopping because the store was full and there were not enough cashiers! It was just one of those days.

Luckily, I will be boarding a plane for Nashville to get my Blissdom on where I’ll meet old blogging friends, meet new ones, learn more about social media and blogging and of course S-L-E-E-P. Yes, I cannot wait to eat without standing up or getting up five times for more milk, cheese, water, etc. I cannot wait to get on the plane, close my eyes and listen to my IPod without having to worry about the kids (well, I will worry about them just not on the plane at that moment).

I also cannot wait for the following:

-To have the honor to speak on Niche blogging and the panel is working to put some great slides together to share with everyone online.
-To meet The White Cloud Bloggers and say thanks in person to White Cloud for sponsoring me and making this trip affordable.
-Hear Harry Connick Jr sing in person – wow!
-Stay again at the Opryland Hotel, it is so beautiful.
-The sessions look amazing and I’m specifically looking forward to: Leveraging Your Blog and Social Media to Build Your Business, Evolving as a Professional Blogger — The Evolution From Earned Media to Paid Media and The Wizard of Ads- Pulling Back the Curtain on Online Advertising. I have my opinion on these topics but hearing from others in the field and learning from them; that excites me!

Now time to cook the meals, organize the schedules, triple check with sitter, clean the house and make sure the permission slips are signed, Tylenol is stocked and the outfits are laid out and ready to make morning a breeze for dad! I really have no clue what I’ll wear and a cocktail dress – um, I don’t think mine fits anymore so that is sort of an issue but when you see what I’m doing tomorrow, you’ll realize why there is no time to fret about that minor detail!

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