Today is the official blog day where fellow bloggers can pay tribute to one another and recognize blogging as something worthy of being recognized. Yahoo! Yahoo! The idea is to choose five blogs that are different than yours and that you might not have mentioned or paid homage to before. Enjoy my five choices and happy blog day!

Back in skinny jeans is a blog written by someone who began like most of us do. Stephanie Quialo has been blogging for three years and has the blog, Noshtopia. She started as a way to journal about losing weight. I personally enjoy how honest and genuine her posts are and to see how she handles the business side of blogging.

Yoast a techy site that is far from what I talk about or usually read but I like to check in with this site regularly because of the great plugin information for WordPress. I get some great ideas and discover new plugins and SEO stuff. A blogger on WordPress has to love that!

Foodluvin a delicious site that does food reviews, talks about travel, cooking, recipes and yummy tasty stuff. My mouth waters reading this blog.

Steve Pavlina is a personal growth blog and what I enjoy best about this site is the inspiration I get on improving me. We can all work in improve ourselves and learn about what makes us happy. Steve writes some thought provoking posts and has made me realize (I sometimes forget) that I have to be 100% responsible for my choices and blaming someone else isn’t going to work.

Native Remedies is written by Michele Carelse who has worked for over 15 years as a Clinical Psychologist and she writes about safe and effective remedies and cures using homeopathic remeidies and herbs. I am new to her site but also new to the idea of using alternative medicine. I’m a newbie but I’m enjoying learning about the different cures and like that she has such a rich and deep history.  I also like that the site includes animals, allows you to ask the experts specific questions. It is a shopping site and store but there are some great articles, which is how I came to find the site.

There are hundreds and hundreds of great blogs out there! I have a top 100 list but I could easily have a top 1000 list!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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